Community Service

We provide education and awareness of the need for CPR training, medical pre-screening and on-site AED accessibility with special emphasis on youth and high school athletic programs.

Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) is not a heart attack. It is an abnormality in the heart´s electrical system that abruptly stops the heartbeat. When this occurs blood stops flowing to the brain and other vital organs causing loss of consciousness and often seizure-like activity.

AED/CPR Training

In an effort to provide low-cost programs, we have partnered with American Health & Safety Training, Inc. to offer certification classes to the public at a discounted price to schools, coaches and parents. We will help plan fundraisers for schools in an effort to get AED placements.

AED Placement

Darius Jones Foundation and our partners has established an AED placement program offering AED'S to schools and facilities were people gather. One of our partners, AMR, will offer a limited supply of free AED'S throughout Contra Costa County.

Recent Posts

February 12

Will screening help me?

Prevention in the form of detection with youth heart screening is life-saving. Darius´ undetected heart condition put him at risk for sudden cardiac arrest and it could have easily been found through screening. Preventing one death through screening!

February 12

Creative prevention initiatives

Through analysis of more than 10 years of health care information, AMR CoCo County continues to evolve and serve the needs of the communities and patients it serves.

February 12

Building partnerships

Established partnerships with the County's HeartSafe Community initiative; Contra Costa Health Services; AMR; Annuvia Inc.; school district representatives; and others to fight cardiac arrest deaths is essential in saving lives.


The Darius Jones Foundation

Cardiovascular disease. Silent & deadly.

The Darius Jones Foundation hopes to achieve the broadest possible coverage of sudden cardiac arrest awareness, CPR training, and AED accessibility and prevention through detection with youth heart screening.

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Dedication to Prevention

CBS 5: Jefferson Award Winner Honors Son With Life-Saving Lessons

The Darius Jones Foundation continues its efforts to spread awareness and information about sudden cardiac arrest by teaching thousands of children what to do so they can save a life through CPR training and AED accessibility.