The mission of the Darius Jones Foundation is to inform parents of how rare and precious our children's gifts are. Early detection is prevention and by screening young hearts using CPR/AED training we can protect them. Let's have the vision of being a part of something greater than ourselves. Let's begin to show our children how important they are and that they are not alone. We care about their hearts! So give them the gift of love through heart screening for their health.

Youth Heart Screening

Detection is prevention

CPR/AED Training

Community rallies together

AED Placement

In schools & facilities

1 high school aged athlete suffers a sudden cardiac arrest every 3 days in the U.S.
1 in 350 teens in the U.S. have an underlying heart condition that can put them at risk for sudden cardiac arrest.
1 in 500 young people are affected by hypertrophic cardiomyopathy which is the number one identifiable cause of sudden cardiac arrest.


Heart Screening

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